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Deepfakes Unmasked

By KatalinFeherFulbrighter

Deepfakes are definitely fascinating technology, and they can be employed for a wide range of entertaining and educational purposes. Despite positive use cases of deepfakes exist, these highly realistic AI-generated fake videos still hold an unprecedented high deceptive potential. Researchers, policymakers and institutions are thus joining forces to develop debunking strategies to counter the spread…

Voice Assistant technologies powered by AI

By KatalinFeherFulbrighter

My name is Olya Kudina and I’m an Assistant Professor in the Ethicist and Philosophy of Technology in the TPM faculty here at TU Delft. In my work, I focus on the dynamic interaction between values and technologies. I help to analyze and establish technology development with ethical reflection and cultural sensitivity as integral counterparts.…

Media about AI Media

By KatalinFeherFulbrighter

The Social Dilemma, Documentary 2020, Netflix. “The technology that connects us also manipulates us”. Her, drama, sci-fi 2013, Warner Bross – Annapurna Pictures. “In a near future, a lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with an operating system designed to meet his every need.” Share your favourite with us! Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook