Media & Tech Visionaries: an Overoptimistic TRUST Model for 2050

By KatalinFeherFulbrighter

Dive into the future with “Modeling AI Trust for 2050,” a future-oriented article by Katalin Feher, Lilla Vicsek and Mark Deuze. This insightful piece explores how global experts envision AI shaping media and communication by 2050. Discover their predictions for universal, unbiased information access and the potential for AI to revolutionize our media and info-communication landscape. Based on extensive surveys, the study reveals a Glasses Model of AI Trust, challenging current perceptions and projecting a future intertwined with AI solutions. The paper is an unconventional insight into how AI-driven media and info-communication experts from all world regions might shape our interaction with technology.

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Katalin Feher, Associate Professor at Ludovika University of Public Service, Transatlantic EU Horizon NGI Professor

Lilla Vicsek, Associate Professor at Corvinus University of Budapest

Mark Deuze, Professor at the University of Amsterdam (UvA)