Responsible AI Horizons for Policy Implementation

By KatalinFeherFulbrighter

EU-Canada Leads to Collaborations on Responsible AI Futures.

We’re happy to report that our workshop on Responsible AI Futures, a collaboration with the EU Horizon program, was a great success!

Thanks to all the responsible AI experts who participated. Together, we explored the implications of AI technologies in working groups focused on sustainability, policy, society, and technology.

The consensus so far is clear: Few domains will remain untouched by AI over the next decade, and we are committed to ongoing research and policy development that considers current trends and unexpected outcomes.

Our great appreciation to Katalin Feher PhD, habil the #HorizonEurope #NGI Visiting Professor, and Fenwick McKelvey, the co-director of #AI2 at #ConcordiaUniversity for their leadership in designing the research process. Their work was supported by research team members Lindsay Rodgers and Robert Marinov.

We’re now embarking on the analysis stage and will continue to share our process and findings.
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