The Applied AI Institute at Concordia University

By KatalinFeherFulbrighter

The Concordia University Applied AI Institute, established to coordinate AI research and development efforts across various faculties, focuses on real-world applications of artificial intelligence. The institute encourages interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers in sciences, engineering, arts, business, and humanities, aiming to demystify AI and improve societal conditions. With more than 105 researchers and 200+ graduate students involved, the institute is structured around three main research clusters: society (exploring AI’s impact), science (advancing deep learning in medical imaging), and emerging technology (integrating AI into fields like smart cities and aerospace). Leadership includes co-directors Tristan Glatard and Fenwick McKelvey, who bring expertise from computer science and communication studies, respectively. The institute emphasizes partnerships with industry and government, as demonstrated by initiatives like the collaboration with Ericsson, which includes funding and training to further AI knowledge and application​. Additionally, the institute is committed to gender equity, which they aim to improve through initiatives like GEMinAI, a professional mentorship program for gender minorities in AI fields. Their first collaboration with an EU Horizon program called NGI started in 2024. The Institute is key in building a global AI hub in Montreal. Link: